Liposuction Hialeah


Common areas targeted by liposuction


The Liposuction Hialeah procedure is highly noted for targeting a wide variety of parts in the body including;

. The tummy

. Buttocks

. Thighs

. Back

. Inner knees

. Hips

. Chest

. Upper arms

. Flanks

. Neckline

Enter laser liposuction!

Laser liposuction was innovated to be a practical alternative solution to traditional liposuction. In essence, it can enable plastic surgeons to precisely target particular parts of the body that are insensible to the traditional techniques. This procedure is a bit contrasting from traditional liposuction. Rather than utilizing a cannula to eliminate fat underneath the skin, this device encases a laser. This laser works by quite literally melting off fat deposits in the targeted spot. The moment such fat is converted into liquid, it is then drained off through diminutive incisions. Alternatively, it can be gently suctioned off.

What are the main benefits of laser liposuction?

Laser assisted liposuction Hialeah is generally regarded to be a more gentle alternative to traditional liposuction due to the small cannula employed and the small incisions made. In turn, these 2 key factors can equate to lesser scarring once the body heals. Also, due to the utilization of heat, the body will respond with contractions in the tissue surrounding the targeted spot. This will then trigger the skin to tighten and smoothen itself naturally. At the same time, the lasers used are specifically designed to work only on fat cells. This naturally prevents the surrounding muscle and nerve tissue from sustaining any damage. In turn, this unparalleled level of precision equates to lesser pain, rapid healing and very little bruising.

On the other hand, laser liposuction is highly acclaimed for been in a position of targeting those areas where traditional liposuction is ineffective. To this end, plastic surgery Homestead practitioners frequently use it in treating areas like the face, chin and even jowls. These are some of the common areas where laser liposuction is renowned for bringing about excellent outcomes. Those excessive fat deposits which take root in the above listed parts of the body can be efficiently melted off. Best of all, thanks to the natural tightening of the skin that follows, the outcomes can be equal to those of face lifts and neck lifts.

Common types of laser liposuction

There is a number of laser liposuction procedures, which are designed for specific applications. Let’s briefly look at some of the most common.


SmarLipo is a minimally invasive liposculpure (laser liposuction) procedure. It primarily targets body parts like the tummy, thighs and neck, and it can permanently do away with fat deposits in these given regions. This certainly means those love handles, saddlebags and even muffin tops can be effectively eliminated. Even better, you will experience lesser pain than with traditional liposuction options. While the downtime will be significantly shortened. As this procedure allows the skin to tighten all by itself, there will never be any risk of issues such as sagging or dimpling.


CoolLipo can be ideal if your objective is to contour your body. It has been designed to target small spots on the face, chin and neck. Like it was previously mentioned, these areas are the most stubborn to traditional liposuction. This makes this procedure to be at par or even better than full face lifts and neck lifts. But, of course, with lesser invasion and quicker recovery times than the latter.

ProLipo Plus

The ProLipo Plus procedure was developed to facilitate for precision-based contouring of the body. It offers exceptional outcomes on regions, which are resistant to traditional liposuction. Some of which are the thighs, chin, upper arms, neck and upper abdomen.


As you can evidently see liposuction hialeah, both traditional or laser assisted can be a godsend to many of us. This is especially the case if you are unhappy with your natural body shape, for one reason or the other. Depending on your circumstances, profession cosmetic surgeons will decide on the right procedure that will meet your expectation.